Program Details: cultural and social program

Monday afternoon 28th April


The formal opening of the conference will start in the Theatre Hall of the Buquoy Chateau with the singing of the national anthem, performed by the quartet Calypte.

The welcome speeches will be enriched by the school choir of the Elementary School under the direction of choirmaster Jane Štorová.

After a short break, at 9 PM will start a special concert of violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcený, accompanied on the piano by Václav Mácha.

Tuesday 29th April

The evening will bring a tour of the castle and live impressions of the days long gone by in the Castle courtyards. Theatrical sketches of local legend and classical music by students from the Trhové Sviny Grammar School will enlighten the tours. The historical fencing troupe Vítkovci will perform two stories from the history of the local Czech lands. The evening program will be rounded off by the band Bakchus playing medieval music. All this you can enjoy will sipping a Budvar beer or eating some late-night snacks.


Wednesday 30th April

After the evening in the medieval Old Castle, we now will spend the evening in the 19th century Buquoy Chateau like the nobility of that time. At the beginning,and weather permitting, we will watch the outdoor pantomime performance of "Birds", by theater company Studna.

After that we will enjoy a standing buffet with possibilities to sit down and talk in the main venue rooms. After the food we can sit down and watch some more theatre from the same company now performing the comedy dell-arte play "Dotore".

We will close the evening again with music and a dance. First there will be traditional carnival carols with music and dancing, later you can join in and try some of the local dances.



Thursday 1st May

This evening we will be guest at the traditional gala evening will be held on the occasion of the finals of 36th annual dance competition "Novohradská Číše". Don't worry, you are not supposed (or even allowed) to dance there. This is for looking at the dancers while drinking a good glass of Bohemian Budvar beer or Moravian wines. The competition ends around 9 PM, at which time the ball room will be closed for public.


If this is too much culture for you; those of you who still have some stamina left after 9 PM can enjoy a typical Czech outside evening roosting saugages above a wood fire while drinking cheap beer listening or playing some music (harmonica, guitar) at the Balcksmith Workshop.

Saturday 3rd May

Saturday afternoon will be a big event. This is no longer a closed action of our Newcastles Alliance, but the day we show what we stand for also to the people of Nové Hrady and surroundings. In addition, the first Saturday in May is traditionally the opening of the tourist season in Nové Hrady.

The market will not only be about our Newcastles. Regional artisans will make and sell their products and allow visitors to try their hand at the old crafts as well. This includes several providers making and selling traditional Czech food which we will taste as our Saturday lunch. Throughout the day, there will be live music on the market

More details about this event and the role each of us will play in here will come soon, but already a few links to the performers.




To listen to the bands play:

Brass band Jihočeská Podhoranka
Prague castle orchestra (Pražský hradčanský orchestr)

Quartet Calypte
Novohradský mixed choir