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Two of the conclusions of the 2012 meeting focussed on youth, not as a discussion point but as a way to actively include and involve the Newcastles youths and young adults in the developments of the Newcastles community. As our future, the Newcastles youths should be involved in this to ensure continuation of our mission and goals. The Newcastles website is developing a dedicated youth section and access to social media to facilitate contact between young people in the different Newcastle municipalities.

At the 2014 Conference the youths will partly have their own parallel conference. Topics will be similar but more focussed on a youth point of view. The aim is that in the end the conclusions and views of the youth and adult sections will be merged, to make sure that our young people are heard and have a say in what is important for the future of our Newcastles community.

In preparation, contacted addresses of the participating Newcastles have already been given to one of the participating secondary schools. As part of their school program, older pupils of this school will try to get email exchanges with pupils from other Newcastle municipalities.

For other information on the different youth councils and youth activities in the different Newcastles, see also the Newcastles of the World website youth section



During conference, youth participants selected four themes, which they considered as important for them. Then they were divided into groups and started prepare project. Each group focused on one idea from its theme and tried transform it into the project. Project in our meaning had structure, based on answering these questions:

1) What? our goal, basic idea of our project
2) Why? our reasons, description of the environment, current status, benefits of project
3) How? gradual steps
4) Who? human resources, qualifications
5) Where? location, institution, social group
6) Whose money? financial plan, the initial investment, sources of funds<
7) When? time schedule, phases of the project, time allocation
8) Risks! critical points and how to prevent them

Each group created presentation, which you can download here:

Friendly Travellers
NOW Homepage project


Download the whole photo gallery (111 files, ZIP folder, 382 MB)