Present your town, goals and achievements

Guidelines for preparing posters

One room in our conference venue will be set apart for poster presentations for the duration of the conference. During coffee breaks, before and after sessions or at other times participants can look at the posters. These posters can also be used to talk about each other's town on a bit more personal and close level.

Our idea is that each town will prepare at least one at most three thematic posters focussing on the themes mentioned here.

  1. Tell us about your Newcastle, its history, business opportunities etc.
  2. Examples of how you use your historic buildings, monuments and spaces.
  3. What are the "Berlin Walls" and prejudices you are facing
  4. .

The third poster is also a good place to explain why projects did not achieve the results you wanted etc. The failure stories - which everybody has - are often more comparable between countries than the perfect success stories. explaining how you did overcome or are still trying to overcome those obstacles is a very good discussion topic and the place where you really can learn a lot of each other.

Format and size
The ideal size for the posters is A0 portrait, that is 840 mm wide by 118 mm high. If you stay on or below that size, the poster will always fit our poster panels.

Printing and transport
One option that reduces transport problems and helps uniformity is that you design your posters and then send us the completed file (in PDF, Corel, or InDesign) and we will print the poster here.

If you need more information about or help with making the posters or on letting them be printed here, please contact us directly and we will discuss it on personal level.