Program Details: discussion themes and presentations

Below is a brief summary on the what and how of the discussion sessions. A more detailed explanation can be downloaded here.

Monday afternoon 28th April

Formal Opening of the Conference with short welcome speech at the Buquoy Chateau.

Tuesday 29th April

Plenary session with introduction speech of participants (5-10 min for each country).

IMPORTANT: The introduction speeches are NOT meant to introduce your Newcastle but to tell us about your interests and goals.

The plenary introductory speeches are for you to tell us what you bring to the conference and epecially what you expect to take home from it in a very practical and real sense. For example tell the others about your interest in specific joint projects like student exchanges, toursim promotion actions, research projects, etc. etc.

Introducing and promoting your town can be done through handouts and especially through the posters that are permanently on display.

After the plenary introductory speeches, the youth section will go to a different room and we will start with a very short introduction within the adult and youth section. Moderators of the groups will refer to the topics that will be discussed in the sessions on Wenesday and Thursday.

Wednesday 30th April

Best practice (Adult)

What are our wider goals in this, especially focussing on

  • tourism, especially linked to preserving and better use of cultural heritage
  • ecology, waste
  • the possibilities (and limits) of inter-regional, “Newcastle” and Twin City cooperation – what works best, where should we focus our efforts?

Newcastles Card (Adult)

What is the status, how to proceed from here? The idea is that during the conference we will come to a final road plan how to realise and get the card to function in practice. The Nové Hrady delegates will report on first experiences with the Newcastles Card as way of promoting tourism and getting a wider local platform of businesses cooperating on attracting tourism. The discussion should also focus on how to enlarge this cooperation and involve more countries and partners in this.

Education (Youth)

Youth and student exchanges, possibilities for studying abroad, experiences from participants about such programs.

Business and employment opportunities (Youth)

Possibilities for young people to start and own small business on international level. Also discussion how the city (Newcastles) can contribute to addressing a major problem, which is the youth unemployment.

Thursday 1st May

Business opportunities (Adult)

Possibilities for cooperation between participating countries, meetings with Chamber of Commerce representatives.

Barriers (Youth)

How we have dealt with barriers and prejudices, difficulties and change in our Newcastles – a case study or summary (to give as a presentation, but maybe also to prepare a report or paper to distribute) The hosts will speak of life behind the Iron Curtain and the difficulties and achievement in the process of transformation to democracy. Newcastle upon Tyne will present about rapid demographic change – a growing population of overseas residents, especially asylum-seekers and refugees, and how they are trying to integrate and support.

Friday 2nd May

Plenary session comparing conference results of youth and adult sessions.

Saturday 3rd May

Final discussions. Formulation of declaration.