Travel to Nové Hrady

Visa requirements

Citizens from the EU countries and a limited number of other countries do not need a vias for the Czech Republic. Citizens of the remaining countries do need a visa. Visa's have to be applied for well in advance; the process can take a few months. It is NOT possible to ask for a visa at the borders or at Prague Airport. Visa countries and further requirements can be found HERE, to be sure check the website of the Czech Embassy in your country.

BEWARE: applying for a visa can takes two months or more so check early. Let us know if you need a written invitation for the conference as supporting document.

Travel by plane, train, or car

Nové Hrady is located along the Austrian border, in the Novohrady Mountains, an extension of the Sumava mountains.

By plane

For air travel, do NOT focus automatically only at Prague Airport (PRG). Nové Hrady is equidistant at about a 3 hour drive from both Prague Airport and Vienna Airport (VIE), both major airports and railroad hubs in Central Europe. Depending on the number of participants requiring the service, we will provide Conference Transport busses to pick up people at Prague airport and Prague Center. After prior consultation, pick-up at other airports (at extra cost) can be arranged as well.

Prague Airport (PRG) is located northwesterly of Prague. A taxi to Prague City should cost not more than 400 CZK, take certified taxies only.

Vienna Airport (VIE, Austria) is 200 Km from Nové Hrady, a train to Gmund (Lower Austria, 15 km from Nové Hrady) might offer a good connection; we can pick you up in Gmund. Alternatively, after prior consultation pick-up at Vienna Airport can be arranged as well.

Linz (Austria) is a low-carrier airport and certainly worth considering. At 90 km it is the closest to Nové Hrady and pick-up is easier to arrange.

By train

The nearest big town with international connections is České Budejovice, from which you can continue by bus or train to Nové Hrady. The bus stops close to the Venue. Nové Hrady Station is not located in town but about 6 km away. If informed in advance, we will arrange to pick you up. 

In Austria, Gmünd (Lower Austria) might offer a good alternative connections to several locations in Europe. Gmünd is nearby, picking you up individually is no problem.

By Car

Participants from surrounding countriesmight consider coming by car. Quite often, this is even quicker and more convenient than by plane when including travel to – from the airport and airport waiting times. GPS location: N 48°47'28.68", E 14°46'56.28"E

A note of caution

When in Prague, be it on public transport or walking through town beware of pickpockets. They are everywhere, often working in very sofisticated teams: one bumps into you ever so lightly and polite, the second roles your wallet, and the third takes of with it (happened to me as well)!


There are TWO towns called Nové Hrady in the Czech Republic. Ours is in the district České Budejovice, South Bohemia. The second Nové Hrady is in district Ústí nad Orlicí, Pardubice Region, about 120 km northeast from here!