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Visa requirements

Customs formalities: it is the responsibility of the delegations to find out about customs formalities and identity documents (identity card / passport / visa, if any) to present when entering Switzerland.

The links below may be useful: Entry requirements for short‐term stays in Switzerland:


Official Swiss representations abroad



Travel by plane, train, or car

Nové Hrady is located along the Austrian border, in the Novohrady Mountains, an extension of the Sumava mountains.

By plane

Participants are recommended to travel through Geneva (122 km), Basel (117) or Zurich (173 km). The transfer from these three Swiss airports (Geneva, Basel, Zurich) to the hotel in Neuchâtel, as well as the return to the airports at the end of the conference, are organised by us. Bern is another possibility. Delegations are requested to provide us as soon as possible with details of their arrival in and departure from Switzerland (airport, flight number, arrival and departure times).

By train and bus

Neuchatel can be easily reached by public transport. It is worth to look for special offers and book seating in advance.

By Car

Participants from surrounding countriesmight consider coming by car. Quite often, this is even quicker and more convenient than by plane when including travel to – from the airport and airport waiting times.

GPS location: N 46°59.47825', E 6°56.13492'


See you in Neuchatel, have a save journey